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know your worth

Know The Value Of Your Work

By John Ross My partner, Lynette Conway, and I have been in hundreds of dental offices: some large, some small, some were decades old and

empty waiting room

Bring in More New Patients

By John Ross For those of you who have ever talked to dental practice growth consultants, you may have noticed that the very first question

huge green sign

What Drives Referral Numbers?

By John Ross What drives referral numbers? The best way of growing a practice is from referrals brought to the practice from existing patients that

a group of

Team Building

John Ross Work division among team members Running any successful operation requires teamwork. Sounds like your high school coach, but as corny as the sports

sell your business

Selling Your Practice

John Ross When we started our first business in 1977, I purchased a life insurance policy to protect my family as we grew the operation.

calendar and pencil

Keeping To The Schedule

By John Ross You have no idea how many staff members look at the day’s schedule and start the day with a knot in their