Are your calls recorded?

How do you see my schedule?

All of amazing agents are located onsite in Athens, Ga.

We have multiple ways to schedule your patients.  One example would be to securely remote in to your software.

How do I know how many calls were answered by the service?

How are emergencies handled?

How are we notified of a call you took for my office?

Can we turn call forwarding on and off as we please?



Do unused minutes roll over to the next month?



Could you create a phone tree for us?


All calls are stored for a period of time.  These calls are
used for Quality Control & Compliance.

Your minute usage is listed on your monthly invoice.  You will also receive messages after every call.

Emergencies are handled by your specific instructions. There is no limit to the manner in which we handle your emergencies.

After each call you will be sent an email with a
detailed message.

Absolutely,  but remember we are there for you
when you need us.

If you are not using your minutes, then we would reevaluate your package. We do not want you to pay for minutes
that you do not need

Yes, we can set up a phone tree at no addional charge.

Can I transfer my cell phone calls to you?

Yes, we will gladly discuss this with you during onboarding

Are the agents trained on my office?

Absolutely,  our agents are trained by the supervisors and managers on each invidual office