John Ross  Lynette Conway

John Ross – Co-founder of Concierge Contact Center­, John has divided his 40-year career between business and academia. From 1977 until 1999 he co-owned and operated Evergreen Nursery, during which he earned his AB, MA and PhD. From 2000 until the 2016 he has taught Hispanic Business Language and Culture at the University of Georgia. In 2010, he and Lynette Conway partnered to open Concierge Contact Center.

Lynette Conway – Co-founder of Concierge Contact Center­, Lynette has dedicated her 42-year career to consulting in the mortgage compliance and then in the dental industry. For more than a decade, she has consulted with the largest dental service providers across the United States and Canada. In 2010 Lynette decided it was time to establish a contact center specifically for dental and other service industries offices and practices. Using her methods, their call center has scheduled appointments for hundreds of thousands of new patients and customers for their clients.

The goal of the Concierge Contact Center is to teach dental and other services offices to better handle phone calls and provide excellent customer service in order to convert more leads into new patients during after hours, on holidays and over weekends. Over the last 7 years the business has grown exponentially, as John and Lynette have made groundbreaking phone services available to small, medium and large practices and offices.

In their "spare time", John and Lynette love to travel.  After many years of traveling for business, they both enjoying road trips from coast to coast.  They also love to travel abroad.

They make time for their four children and their families (especially 8 grandchildren).  The grand "children" ages range from 2 years - 18 years old, so there is always something going on!