Are You Ready For The Truth About Customer Service?

When Lynette Conway and I founded the Concierge Contact Center in 2010, our mission was to help increase the growth of our clients' businesses by improving their phone handling skills. After consulting in hundreds of dental offices, Lynette realized was that phone handling skills were the spear point of high quality customer service. She explained to our clients that good phone skills will get people in the door, but after that it is good customer care that keeps them coming back. In those years customer service was just one of several factors for commercial success, but what has come to be obvious is that it is THE factor in market share growth.

Quality in product and service is a given to earn your market share. Increasing profits and reducing costs are essential to your financial position. Smart marketing campaigns keep your name in minds of the consumer. Effective administration keeps your business focused; but none of it matters if the customers are not left feeling loyal to their service and/or product provider. That is the goal of quality customer service.

Mystery calls will tell you a lot about your employees�€™ phone skills. Mystery buyers will tell you a lot about your employees�€™ in person skills. Anonymous post-purchase online surveys can give you an idea of what you are doing well, and more importantly what you are doing poorly. Proactive inquiry about the quality of your customer service is better than reactive actions to remediate negative social media posts. We all heard the stat that a single negative review is much more powerful that a single positive review.

So, my question to you is do know how your buyers feel about your customer service? Are you ready to find out? Doing so is a multi-front effort, and an ongoing process, but once your get the results you will not know how you did without them. Find out how solid your customer service is. We can help. Call us and ask for Shea. She can get you hooked up with Lynette and you can make certain your employees and systoems are ready to provide the best customer service possible.

John Ross