Custom wigs


You can find all the professional products you need to maintain your wig or extensions. From cleansers and shampoos to clippers to hair gels, you'll find only the finest lines and most trusted products.

Employing a master wig maker, we are able to provide you with a custom wig designed to fir your personality and needs. From the color to the density, you can choose from monofilament, lace, silk, and natural hair.

At Optimum Health, having 8 clinics we have been pleased with Concierge Contact Center. All the agents have great customer service, very friendly and informative on the calls. Our supervisors are very prompt in training the agents.

-Tina Walker, Optimum Health and Rehab


Barbara and I are very appreciative of the personalized service you have been giving us in trying to deal with our circumstances.

It speaks well for your company to be so responsive to unusual requirements.

Thanks for all,  Mel & Barbara
Mel Ciment, Barbara Ciment and Team Realty


Wow!!! Thank you for such an outstanding service! I know all of you do a great job and I don't say this for every email because I didn't have enough time, but this really blew me away! Fantastic! Thank you for being so detailed!

Sincerely, Dr. Catherine O. Young Young Family Dentistry, NJ



Hello, this is Monica, office manager at Aesthetic Dental. I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and the rest of the team for your efforts and pleasantries you guys demonstrate when handling our calls. I am very pleased with the above and beyond efforts you utilize in the way you communicate with our patients; it really does appear that our call center (your team) is in fact an extension of our practice. And for that I thank you and everyone else on board.
Monica Rollins, Practice Manager Aesthetic Dental, NY



The most important technology in any business is the telephone. This fact, however, is not usually acknowledged and the telephone does not get enough attention. I am very glad that I have found a company that will treat each incoming call the way I wanted to have done. It has truly helped my business by catching all those new patients that would have gone somewhere else. Thank you!

 Dr. Allen Blourchain New Image Dentistry, TN


Hello, I would like to congratulate all of you for a wonderful Customer Service. I happened to listen to the phone calls from my Online Ad campaigns. Everyone in your team is doing a great job and are handling the phone calls professionally. I feel good that my patients are treated in the best way possible. I am pleased to find you guys and I will guide all my colleagues about your services.   Sincerely, Dr. Mitesh Brahmbhatt Our Dentist, MA


Hello. We have been very pleased with Concierge so far. 

In fact, I ask myself: why didn't we sign sooner?

Dr. Masood Cajee


I have used other services over the years. Yours is head and shoulders above. Great people, excellent messaging, attention to detail, very professional! Thanks

Dr. Mac Miller



A patient complimented the answering service. They called early this morning to verify our address.

They really liked how the call was handled.


--mas'ood cajee


I love the Professionalism of having a Calling Center take care of My Business Calls 24/7.. Finding one that can taked care of all my Business needs is Crucial .  Concierge Contact Center is that Service ... I have used many different Answering services over the past several years and find there service to be the most professional I have used thus far. From answering staff to Management top notch...  Richard Self, SELF TUB REFINISHING & ANTIQUE TUB RESTORATION
Concierge Contact Center



I have used the services of Concierge Contact Center for 5 years. I have nothing but great things to say about them. My business has grown during my time with them and I consider them a vital part of my office. I have received many compliments from my customers about their service.

Susan Reames


I had another phone service before Concierge. They have been so easy to work with and very thorough. I am very happy.

Dona Prince, DDSs