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Don't Let Urgent Calls Go Unanswered

Sometimes a phone call just can't be missed. Concierge Contact Center in Athens, Georgia, offers urgent call handling services. We create and input specific instructions so our live agents know how to decipher an urgent call from a non-urgent one. Our services are also available for live website chats.

Urgent Calls

If an urgent call is received, our agent will refer to a call list and attempt to deliver the call to the proper person. If someone cannot be reached on the first try, we keep calling the person until the message is delivered or move on to the next number on the list. We work hard to get the message to you.

Non-Urgent Calls

If a call comes through that is non-urgent, our agent will instruct the caller to call back during normal business hours. Or, if possible, we will attempt to answer the caller's question if it pertains to information readily available to us, such as business hours, directions, and locations. Our agents will also take a message and deliver it to you using a non-urgent delivery method like email or fax.


We utilize the latest in advanced call center technologies. Our call center is equipped with user-friendly software applications designed to allow you to easily communicate important data to our professionals. This way, our agents can accurately represent your company and convey correct information.

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