Hurricane Irma

Stormy weather!


Today is the day Irma arrived to the Concierge Contact Center here in Northeast Georgia with heavy rains and battering winds. Disasters like hurricanes Harvey and Irma are unfortunately seasonal dangers. In fact, since Harvey hit the Houston area, we have been covering for our clients’ offices there who were forced to evacuate. With a simple call we became a fulltime extension for their offices, taking messages, giving out updates the status of the offices affected and rescheduling appointments missed because of the hurricane and subsequent floods. Now we are doing the same for our clients in Florida.

Usually we are not affected by hurricanes, but Irma has decided to spread her destructive chaos in our area. As the hard rains and power outages have closed in, our agents have arrived ready to handle calls. We prepared the emergency generator and have not missed a beat. During times like these our call volume climbs up 35% higher than usual, yet our well trained agents always rise to the occasion, maintaining their high performance and professionalism under duress.

This morning as we were preparing for the high winds and rains from the remnants of Irma, I more deeply understood the peace of mind our service provides to clients when bad weather comes in their region. We have practiced for this and built the infrastructure to run our contact center under extreme conditions. It is a point of pride to see our agents and administrators step up as everyone has done all that was necessary to keep the center operating.

We are fortunate in our region that disasters like these are rare, and understand that the disaster recovery that we provide is small comfort our clients in Texas and Florida who are facing weeks and months of rebuilding. You, your families and communities will be held closely in our hearts as you rebuild and begin to bring back the care your patients value and need.

Concierge Contact Center supports your efforts and stands ready to help. We are proud to cover the calls and chats from your patients on your behalf as you recover and rebuild.

John Ross