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For Important Calls That Can't Be Missed, We Have Call Forwarding

No call is routine. At Concierge Contact Center in Athens, Georgia, we understand this and work with you to determine the calls that you simply cannot miss. Whether it's a type of call or a certain account or person, we offer call forwarding and transfer services for urgent calls. Together, we determine which calls need to be transferred and which need to be routed. Priority protocols can be changed as needed. Our services handle all your urgent calls and connects them to the proper person.

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Call Forwarding

Our call transfer service allows us to answer your phone calls, while also having the ability to transfer them directly to you if needed. Upon answering the phone and determining if it is a priority or not, we place your customer on hold, contact you or your employee on a separate line, and transfer the call once availability has been confirmed. This affords you the ability to answer the calls you need to, while not having to field all the phone calls placed to your office when you are not there.