Because Our Team Cares

We Treat Your Caller As They Deserve To Be Treated

Our trained customer service team is available 24/7/365 for our clients.  This amazing group never missed a minute during the world pandemic crisis.  This team cares about you, our clients and your customers and clients.  

Thank you to our clients that entrusted your business to us for years and especially the last two months and to new clients, welcome to an amazing group that will take care of your no matter the circumstances.

Within 24 hours of subscribing to our service, you can have access to a well-trained staff of specialists to handle the calls, chats, messages, texts and emails from your clients.  Their needs are met while you deal with the larger problems of keeping your business going.

Call Shea Davis at 877-827-4152 or email her at and let us answer your calls while you take care of your business.

Our team uses your information and instructions to answer your calls.

Your callers will feel that they are being treated as they deserve and your marketing money will finally pay off.

Videos and Information

Concierge Contact Center with Howard Farran

Do you want to grow your practice?  Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran of Dentaltown

Lynette with Fred Joyal

Lynette speaks onstage at TBSE with Fred Joyal

How Barry Grew His Dental Practice

Whatever your  business or industry, your marketing is "out there" 24/7/365.  Are you and your team ready?


"Our company really struggled to find a service that could not only handle the overflow of calls for our clients, but one that could do so with dental knowledge and great customer service. Kristy and her team have overachieved and I 100% recommend that you speak with them before making a decision. We have now worked together for 5+ years."

Kevin Gallagher,

Digital Media Consultant with Ads Next

"This was the best decision we have made. Such a seamless process. The customer service reps at Concierge Contact are AWESOME! Sales reps follow through and don't just drop you once you sign up with them. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

"I highly recommend the Concierge Contact! They are professional and provide a great service. I have a catering business and by using their services my business has increased. Very inexpensive as well."

"Reasonable price, well explained with no surprises. Very nice people even when the callers are a bit short and rude. Always communicate with me in a timely fashion. Thanks for your support"."