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The ultimate benefit of hiring a Concierge Contact Center is to free up your staff members so they can focus on your business's productivity rather than on fielding calls. We are available 24/7 if necessary, allowing your customers to be in touch the moment any issue arises.

Our team members deliver a level of professionalism to your business's brand without the costly creation of your own phone team. 

Your account manager will work with you to build a script with as much information as you deem necessary for our team members to best serve your customers.   Your callers will feel that they are being treated as they deserve.

Please visit our Services Page and Watch "How Barry Grew His Practice"  to  determine what would work best for you and your team.

About Concierge Contact Center

The owners and founders have worked in hundreds of offices with goals of increasing the conversion of telephone calls into new new customers who are so impressed that they refer others to use the service.  However, even with the proper instruction we realized that hardly any of the offices could not handle the call flow.  We also heard concerns that the phone was not answered in the office after-hours, holidays and weekends.  The fact is that marketing on social media, billboards, flyers, etc. is attracting interest 24/7/365, so there will be inquiries at any hour of the day or night.  Customers don't call when we may want them to call, but whenever they have time to call.  

In 2010, the Concierge Contact Center was started to offer the very best in customer service to their clients.  The management and team gave priority to customer service and conversions of your callers.  All of our agents are located here in the United States under one roof and have high customer service standards.  Our amazing agents receive extensive and ongoing training.  

We soon reacted to our client's needs for chats and scheduling into the office's appointment calendar.  We have helped offices in the middle of natural disasters, and when offices suddenly lose staff.  Sometimes businesses grow so quickly that they cannot keep up with orders and inquiries: They need a contact center have no idea about how to begin. That's where we come in. 

The Concierge Contact Center now offers a variety of services and are open all of the time to serve you and your callers.

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